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Scott Horscroft

Scott Horscroft


Acclaimed Record Producer, Studio Owner, A&R Executive and Artist Manager Scott Horscroft developed his multi-faceted career by completing an Honours degree in Visual Arts, and spending time abroad conceptualising and constructing Virtual Installations.

Having attained such diverse knowledge and hands on experience, Scott began lecturing at a variety of colleges and universities, specialising in music composition, sound design, production techniques, music technology and experimental video. He also spent considerable time on the other side of the studio wall, composing and performing complex sound pieces such as “8 Guitars”.

In 2002, Scott steered his course into full-time music composition and production working as a mixer, engineer and producer. He facilitated his skills by designing and developing Big Jesus Burger, a state of the art recording studio which has quickly established a reputation as one of Australia’s premier and most sought after facilities. Scott cut his teeth in production working with the best of the best, achieving critical acclaim and ARIA Award winning success with some of Australia’s most credible artists such as Silverchair, Birds of Tokyo, The Presets, The Sleepy Jackson, The Panics, Little Red and countless others.

Scott’s ability to connect with artists and translate their vision into a sonic landscape has made him a first port of call. This applies to artists of any genre looking to improve and take their project to the next level, whether it is mixing slamming electro or facilitating the beauty of dream pop, Scott’s approach to music production is not genre specific and is met with a combined understanding of artistic credibility and commercial success.

In 2009, Scott extended and diversified the BJB empire by introducing Archangelsky Music. A new age management company focusing on band and production management. "The objective behind Archangelsky is to bring an elite team of creatives together, combining ideas and skills that will get the best possible results for artists across any genre. Whether that means we facilitate and direct production or manage a band from the ground up. We have a very high expectation level, therefor we work hard to achieve incredible results".

Scott has quickly become one of Australia’s most distinguished industry professionals and his fast- tracked career has most recently forged to new heights being appointed by EMI Records as Vice President of A&R, Australasia. The role will focus on discovering, nurturing and developing one of Australia’s most exciting artist rosters, and there is no doubt that Scott is at the forefront of delivering quality product and artistic guidance. With significant accomplishments increasing by the year, 2011 is set to be an exciting time for Scott Horscroft.

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Gold Fields - "Gold Fields" (Astral Works/EMI)

EP - Mix Engineer

360 - "Flying & Falling" (EMI)

Album - Mix Engineer

Stonefield - "Black Water Rising/Yes Master" (Wunderkid/Warner)

Single - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Leader Cheetah - "Lotus Skies" (Spunk/EMI)

Album - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

The Dead Leaves - "TBA" (Liberation)

Album - Co-Production/Mix Engineer

Papa Vs Pretty - "United In Isolation" (EMI)

Album - Mix Engineer

Little Red - "Midnight Remember" (Liberation)

Album - Producer/Engineer; Debut at #5 on ARIA Charts

Birds of Tokyo - "Birds of Tokyo" (EMI)

Album - Producer/Engineer;  Debut at #1 on iTunes Charts; Debut at #2 on ARIA Charts; ARIA Rock Album of the Year 2010

The Presets - "Apocalypso" (Modular)

Album - Mix Engineer; ARIA Album of the Year 2008; Triple J Album of the Year 2008

The Presets - "Beams" (Modular)

Album - Mix Engineer

Silverchair - "Young Modern" (Eleven)

Album - Production Assistant; ARIA Album of the Year 2007

Silverchair - "If You Keep Losing Sleep" (Eleven)

Single B-Sides - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

The Sleepy Jackson - "Personality" (EMI)

Album - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer; ARIA Nominated

The Panics - "Cruel Guards" (Dew Process)

Album - Producer/Engineer; ARIA Best Adult Contemporary 2007; Triple J Album of the Year 2007

Whitley - "Go Forth, Find Mammoth" (Dew Process)

Album - Mix Engineer

DAMNDOGS - "Strange Behaviour"

EP - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Sophie Brous - "TBA"

Album - Producer/Engineer

The Vasco Era - "Lucille" (Universal)

Album - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Yves Klein Blue - "Ragged & Ecstatic" (Dew Process)

Album - Mix Engineer

Romy Hoffman - "TBA" (TBA)

TBA - Mix Engineer

Cut Off Your Hands - "679/French Kiss"

B-Sides - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Simian Mobile Disco - "Single"

Single - Mix Assistant

The Galvatrons - "Laser Graffiti" (Warner)

Album - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Dappled Cities - "Zounds" (Dangerbird)

Album - Mix Engineer

The Temper Trap - "The Temper Trap"

EP - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

The John Steel Singers - "In Colour" (Levity)

EP - Producer/Mix Engineer; Triple J Unearthed Winners 2008

My Disco - "TBA"

Album - Producer/Engineer

The Scare - "Chivalry" (EMI/OK! Relax)

Album - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Bertie Blackman - "Secrets and Lies"

Album - Engineer

The Protectors - "Dangerous Boys" (Coady Group)

EP - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Brian McFadden - "Twisted" (Island)

Album - Mix Engineer

Bridezilla - "EP" (Ivy League)

EP - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer

Daniel Johns & Luke Steele - "TBA" (EMI/Eleven)

Album - Engineer

K.I.M (The Presets) - "B.T.T.T.T.R.Y/TomBoy Flamingo Remix" (Bang Gang Gomma)

Single - Mix Engineer

Jet/Superfly - "Eye Spy, Eye Spy" (EMI)

Single - Engineer

Paul Kelly - "Stolen Apples" (EMI)

Album - Mix Engineer; ARIA Nominated

Starky - "Hey Bang Bang" (Universal)

Single - Producer/Engineer; ARIA Nominated

Grinspoon - "Blind Lead Blind" (Universal)

B-Side - Mix Engineer

Mercy Arms - "EP"

EP - Producer/Engineer/Mix Engineer